Based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England we run a friendly league, with the minimum of rules and regulations. Any pub/club (with a pool table) in Leighton Buzzard and surrounding villages can enter a team, just contact the committee via The Ashwell Arms or send an e-mail to


Results and tables are up-to-date as at 23/05/2013.



Attending:   Nic, as Acting Chairman – Sun
                   Janey, Secretary - Ashwell
                   Dave, Committee – Sun
                   Mels – Sun
Apologies:  Gareth – Sun & Macca - Sun

Committee Re-election

Dave proposed Janie to be secretary, Mels 2nd the motion and Janie accepted the position. As secretary Janie continued the proceedings by proposing that the Fixtures/results secretary to be Nic and Dave 2nd the motion and Nic accepted the position. Dave proposed that we should have a treasurer and put forward Spencer. Janie proposed Tim from Sportmans. Mels 2nd Spencer and Nic voted Spencer as Treasurer, Spencer accepted position. Macca proposed Dave as Chairman and Nic 2nd the motion, Dave accepted the position. The chairman stated that we should thank John Cude for the brilliant work over the years running the league with little help and proposed that he become a life long member with voting rights and hope he continues giving his opinions and expertise on the LB pool league. Nic proposed Gareth as committee member and Mels 2nd the motion. Dave proposed Macca as a committee member and Nic 2nd the motion. Nic proposed Mels as a committee member and Janie 2nd the motion. Nic proposed Tim as a committee member and Mels 2nd the motion.

New Elected Committee Members

Chairman – Dave Wheeler
Treasurer – Spencer Daniels
Secretary – Janie McFarlane
Fixtures – Nic Foxwell

Executive committee – Gareth Jones, Graham McDonald (Macca), Anthony Melia (Mels), Tim Rayner

Dave said that the proposals made during the last weeks AGM be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Dave asked Janie to call Mr Cude to ask him for all financial information including past record of accounts, bank details, cash available, this summer’s fixture payments and registrations, fixture software and last year’s summer seasons results. Once all information has been collected we can start this year’s summer league by the 30th April 2013.

Dave proposed that we start a new website in order to have full control over administration of fixtures and results; meantime we may have to continue with paper copies distributed by post. Janie proposed we send a copy at least twice a season as some pubs don’t have access to the internet. Dave said let’s start with the website as at least one player in a pub team should have a smart phone and access to the web. Nic, Mels and Janie agreed that a website be started.
Dave said that we will need a full contact list of pubs and captains are collected to make communication more effected throughout the pool league. Janie stated she had a good list of contact numbers in her files and would endeavour to get the rest.

It was agreed that the next meeting be on the 14th May 2013 7pm at the Ashwell Arms.

You are responsible for getting your own card in on time.


Please note: information on this web site is supplementary to mailings from the Pool League. If there is any discrepancy, teams should rely on the information received direct from the Pool League.